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Swag, yolo, *Trumpet Noise*
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ugh ugh u gh h h h can you imagine

can you even imagine

if Lucrecia met Anima 

they are both such bizzare, such regret-filled, such terrible, horrible mothers 

it would be beautiful

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slumsdrunk said: that sucks man ): i wouldnt want to work on an app after a situation like that either tbh

Ahhhh it doeS suck bUT

I’m out now and at least the show we were watching (Utopia) was hella interesting and semi-inspiring and has partially reiGNIGHTED my ff7/oryx and crake/science-dystopia boner which is pretty appropriate for Tseng at least :P 

I’m gonna have a bath and try to relax r/n but thank you 


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Brrrruuuuyymmmm I’ve been in the living room for 10 hours straight and dad is still complaining that he never sees me…….. I just want to do my appp but I know as soon as I get out of here I won’t feel like it ahah

a bit baws innit

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Track: "Dangan Ronpa"
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Every Dangan Ronpa character saying “Dangan Ronpa”, from the Rearrange Soundtrack + Drama CD (Japanese voices, first game).

In order: Monobear, Naegi, Leon, Maizono, Mondo, Chihiro, Celes, Yamada, Ishimaru, Sakura, Asahina, Hagakure, Fukawa, Togami, Kirigiri, and “Junko”.

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I’m so happy I met everyone. I wish we could’ve gone on more adventures. But I guess we all have to say goodbye someday. Everyone, thank you. Farewell. My memories will be part of the sky.

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au where abberline adopts jim and luka

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Anonymous whispered: Just wanted to say I love almost anything you post. Especially when you poke fun at Claude and his wee canary friends XD Long story short, you always evoke a smile or a laugh from me

Awwww man this is so nice

Thank you very much! I’m glad my silly jokes can make you smile!! especially on the basis of Claude’s wee canary pals who are te Most Important Character In All of Black Butler

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wish-unto-oblivion whispered: yO NUMBS I just want to say that I love your analyses and opinion posts like they're always so gr8 to find on my dash keep being passionate about what you love forever okay??? (also your and ren's liveblogs of ff vii are super gr8)


I’ve always hella respected you for your analysis and I think you play hella cool characters that require a lot of thought and ah ah ahHH I LOVE YOU FOREVER TOO <33333333

(Also CHEERS I think we have like… the same… brain… when it comes to VII.. and everything… ITS FUN) 

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